My work stuff is on LinkedIn. Sorta. I’ve always found it hard to talk about my work history there. It could use some sprucing up for sure. Know anyone?

In other news…

  • Dad to a 3 year old and counting

  • Quran follower (I try)
  • “Tech consultant”
    • Managing multi-faceted projects are fun, some of them anyway
    • Worked primarily with philanthropies, nonprofits and “social enterprises”
    • This world is somewhat familiar to me, not the upper echelons obviously, but the ops and systems and things
    • Love small, mission driven and hacky teams
  • Company founder attempter
    • I’m currently exploring the lively business of death and dying with a knowledge management and agency lens
    • Seriously 😱
    • Curious? Let’s talk 📞

No such thing as normal eccentric is there? 🤔 Is there?